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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, I'm thinking about geography. The climax of Heart Fate takes place in a park. Now, before this morning I thought the park would just be a regular round park somewhere that I'd figure out when I got there.

I got there.

But then I decided that for a plot point, the park should be on a cliff side, which means, of course, north or south of the spaceship Nuada's Sword, which pretty much makes up the western border of the city. So I wrote it in that way.

The city of Druida is a mess because, as I think I said before, I believe I put several settings in the same place. Like any "mayor" I'm trying to slowly straighten this out and make a better city. ;)

Eating lunch, I decided that the plot point might be better off taking place somewhere else, thus the park can go back...somewhere. So now I have to think about where...

When I go back and read all the books (which I already should have done), I think that I'll get out a piece of paper and roughly draw where things are. (BTW, it was fascinating to see J.K. Rowling's sketch of Hogwarts and environs as shown in one of the additions to the movies).

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of putting this small, shabby park somewhere near both CityCenter and an area where lowerclass nobles live.

Decisions, decisions.

And, of course, I have to go back and change what I've written. And re-write the plot point/character growth.

May you have easy decisions today.


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