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Friday, January 25, 2008

Tinne -- My Pics to Editor

I use City of Heroes a lot to visualize my characters, though there are, of course, great limitations. There aren't as many men's faces as women, and the costumes don't always fit my imagination. Sometimes the people are only an approximation of my characters (like Dufleur), the best looking one is Alexa from Guardian of Honor, I think.

Anyway, Tinne here is so-so. I DID want him in fighting robes, they just aren't quite like these and they are dark green, not black, guess that didn't show well, or make as much as a statement. I also wanted him in a place that looked a little like FirstGrove in Winter. That was a challenge since all my characters are level 1 since I don't play them and this setting, Croatoa, is about level 20+, so getting him there and taking the screen shots without him dying was iffy. I think I had to make him a level 3. Looks like they picked up the colors from the character generation background, phooey. I wanted to show the knotwork on the pants.





May you find pics that match your imagination today.


Blogger Maura Anderson said...

Mr. Maura says make your character a stalker (if a villain) and you can use stealth to get to your location, then unstealth and quickly take your picture.

Otherwise he may be able to arrange an escort for you on Pinnacle (hero side) or Infinity (villain side)....

LOL - He's a City Of DWEEEB.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Maura, I have City of Villains, but don't play it much. I think there is one sort of hero that has low level invisibility, but I usually set the heroes up by their qualities and Tinne is a Scrapper.

Thanks again,

6:42 AM  

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