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Saturday, January 26, 2008

No release

PhotobucketYes, as I was drawing closer, closer, closer to the end of Heart Fate I was expecting that "WOW! I'VE DONE IT!!! THE BOOK IS FINISHED!!" exhilaration, champagne in the blood feeling.

And I didn't get it much. Right now, it's a quiet pleasure, I managed to make it through the ordeal and out the other side.

Actually the real feeling was OMG, nausea, this is WAY too long. How am I gonna cut 74 pages in a week! Actually, I think there are scenes that can be cut, some set up scenes, maybe two can be combined that I included near the end today. Maybe I cut one of Lahsin's Passage fugues. All options. I'll let my beta readers take first whack at it.

I still need to tinker with it, add a bit of motivation, yes, ADD. A little bit here and there.

I'm really considering whether to keep scenes that set up for books down the line. There was one scene I was thinking of including but didn't write that would set up for the next book.

And there's a lot of worldbuilding stuff...this is how Flair works...

Well, it's done at least and I did do stickers all over my engagement journal. But I do miss that really exciting moment. I don't think I've had it since Heart Duel.

Love to all,


Blogger Catie said...

I very rarely get that OMG YAY THE BOOK IS DONE feeling anymore. I'm usually just kind of pleased and relieved, and the last few years I've had to turn around and slam into the next one so fast there's not been much time for rejoicing. Sigh.


3:22 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Ha. Another drawback to being published and working to deadline. The shiny comes off this moment.


5:29 PM  
Anonymous Rising_Writer said...

Although I cannot relate completely, as I have only started writing seriously writing at the beginning of 2007, I hope that you can include everything one might need to perceive Celta as you would have the readers (us) see your world. I wish you the best, and I cannot hardly wait until your new book is published!

7:28 AM  

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