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Friday, January 18, 2008

Urgh -- Wrong POV

Ok, so I was going along, stitching my scenes, had done one in Lahsin's POV, set up the next transition in Tinne's, opened the file and it was in Lahsin's POV.

This happens occasionally, actually less often than you might think. I can usually recall what POV the scenes are in, but I've been mixing them around, adding and subtracting, and...well, it WAS only a month ago that I wrote it. But, I dragged it out of my Holds file. I hadn't thought that I would use it...

Sigh. This makes a slower day than anticipated.

***Later. It WAS slow going, but I successfully changed the POV and layered in some of Tinne's emotions that I think made the scene richer.

May your day go well.


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