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Friday, January 11, 2008

Dangling Villains

I had a villain escape in Heart Quest. He was minor, but he's running around Celta if/when I want to have him return.

And I think I'm going to leave a more dangerous villain at large in Heart Fate. Ideas are still murking about in my head regarding this one, but I think an outstanding threat can be good.

Naturally, I have the huge and fearsome Dark in the Summoning books, but in the Heart books, it might be nice to keep some villains in reserve, too.

As a reader, I like a certain amount of threads left undone in my series, so I can savor seeing them picked up and woven back into the overall story. So I'm going with my gut here. I DON'T like cliffhangers, unless the next book is published within a few days of the previous one.

I've got a trilogy in mind with the same heroine/hero, but there would be individual plots wrapped up and an overall bad plot revealed (End of the World), with steps on their own romantic relationship, and, of course, personal growth tied up in each book.

The last time I left a real dangling thread out there was Heart Duel, and it took me a while to wrap it up, and I'm dealing with the final consequences in Heart Fate. After this, that thread will be no more, thus the idea of a continuing villain...I think someone is about to go quite mad...

Or maybe not. That's still in the future, after all.

May you enjoy your day and wrap up all the dangling threads you want to!


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