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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Up Too Late Again

Got the wordcount done by about 6:30 pm, them answered emails, and messed around on the net.

I've been fighting a cold off and we'll see if I continue to be successful.

The wordcount was rough because I'm reading a literary book for a contest (my bad in saying I'd judge that category, I really don't like literary and especially not coming of age stories). Anyway, the person's style was such that I could fall into the slightly depressing very literary bit without too much trouble in my own writing, which is NOT good for a love scene. So, note to self, do NOT read the literary book before writing...

Guess that's my word for the day...try not to be influenced by others.
May you enjoy your uniqueness today.


Blogger talia pente said...


Just takes the wind out of your sails, so to speak.

Good luck with the judging.



6:13 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yeah...he touched her and she sighed, knowing nothing like this had ever happened before and would ever happen again and she thought of....I dunno, some literary comparison...

If you can't laugh at yourself, then life is too d**n serious.


8:31 AM  

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