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Friday, November 30, 2007

Titanic Exhibition -- Book Theme Again

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Yesterday I went to the Titanic Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and History (and did a brief scan of the minerals/jewels hall afterwards).

There was a time as a child when I was fascinated with the Titanic, and I still have the hearings on my bookshelf. It was more than just a tragedy, it was an event that changed the belief systems of the western world.

And I'll never forget that my ex-roomie (who is coming with my holiday gift of framed covers of Heart Dance and Keepers of the Flame today and we will be hanging them) took me to the local dinner theater one year for my birthday and it was Titanic. November 2001, after 9-11. Another event that shook the world and changed beliefs. And I'm stopping the segue into politics and the war right now.

Back to the Titanic. I bought some DVDs and watched them (here in the office since Laptop went into the shop yesterday). A new DVD about the latest finds that showed how she might have broken up and sunk -- and why the crew thought they might have had more time.

The Titanic Disaster is one big huge WHAT IF? or IF ONLY? If the first officer had NOT reversed the engines that slowed and compromised the rudder, but flung the ship into a hard turn at full speed ahead, the iceberg would have been missed -- so said one excerpt. But the first officer (Murdoch) had 37 seconds to make that decision, holding the lives of over 2000 people in his hands.

Like I've said before and REALLY truly believe now -- a minor theme that runs throughout my work -- WE ALL MAKE FATAL MISTAKES. SOMETIMES WE ARE CALLED ON THEM AND SOMETIMES WE AREN'T.

May all your decisions be quick and minor today.


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