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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revision Process

Well, I got 200 pages of hard copy ms. revised yesterday, my goal. 11 hours. Since I started late, I ended late, but not so late I marched over the midnight hour to post here. ;)

I read in ms. format first to snag those widows and orphans. If I have a 2nd go through it will be on 2 page landscape Advanced Reading Copy so it looks like a book and I can see some errors better there. Probably wait for copy edits for that.

There were about 5 repeated pages, I took out a change of venue (at my mentor's over the phone advice), I'm adding in FLAMES so they can be Keepers of (but I added in the bubbles on the cover, too, and they aren't, like, FLAMING BUBBLES, which might have been easier).

This is the rough, the book is not tight. Lots of "obvious" many, many people narrowed their eyes and huffed out breaths. Much smiling going on, too. So lots of words and phrases and sentences cut (not just widows and orphans), which means that when I get to the computer, it will be revising Every Single Page. That may take a day itself. I did come across a couple of pages that were very clean and I was sad. Mainly because that meant I'd have to cut more somewhere else.

My mentor made a flying visit to hand off her copy. I haven't looked at it yet. She said the book was great, she loved it, no major problems, but on her copy she was super critical. I'm already wincing with "ouchie!"

Since I was no-holds-barred on her last effort (and she refused to take some of my "superior" suggestions) we understand each other well.

That's the news from the cutting edge front. No liquor was had, and I stayed home. Today may be different. I'd like to go to a Harry Potter party Friday night, but I do have books (yes, I think I've ordered 3 copies) coming and there is a Saturday 6 am party.

At this time last week I was through security and on my way to the airline gate. Glad all that is over.

May you enjoy your creativity today.


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