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Monday, July 16, 2007

Workshop Tapes

I've ordered the whole conference on CD for $100 since I attended only 2 workshops. One was for Published Authors and had an editor talking frankly about what she would/would not accept etc. (not recorded).

The other was a seminar by Michael Hauge which I intend to use in my own polishing of Keepers of the Flame. Very, very good.

At one point in my seminar with Linnea I had a meltdown and couldn't explain a concept (until later), so there's a minute or two of complete babble. And, of course, my freewriting seminar has long stretches of silence while we are doing the exercises.

On the whole, I've found seminar tapes excellent. I have gone back and listened to them, sometimes time and again, and I DO search for topics of interest at the time.

Now the first 200 pages of Keepers of the Flame have printed out. I'll feed cats, take a bath and be off to Common Grounds to work on them.

May you know what you need to know today.


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