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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Background Tuesday -- Contests

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Sorceress of Faith has won Best Paranormal in the More Thank Magic Contest! I got a big whomping gold pin (it takes 2 back bits) for my name/badge for National. Since I only entered Sorceress in, I think, three contests, this is wonderful!

I believe I only entered Heart Quest in the RITA and the Daphne and I didn't final in either of those. I think the futuristics, in the middle of a series (though I TRY to make them stand alone) are more difficult reads or need more flexible minds -- current rationalizations. Looks like Heart Quest will be my first book not to win any awards, and I feel ok with that. I mean, you can't win something for everything forever can you? I thought I might be depressed at the thought -- but on the other hand, my editor told me she liked Heart Quest the best, and that's still enough for me.

I think Protector of the Flight is a more accessible book and will be sending that book out around the contest circuit quite a bit next year.

And this reminds me of before I sold, and the spotty showing of my books. Contests are so subjective that HeartMate hit all the rungs -- not finalling, finalling and taking 3rd, taking 2nd, winning.

I'm grateful I've had the run that I have had. And I'm smiling. I truly believe this, it isn't just some "be a gracious loser," stuff. Though I thought Heart Quest would do better in the Daphne with it's mystery aspect. Such is life.

So smile and accept the wins and don't dwell on the losses in any contest your work is in today.



Blogger talia pente said...

Heart Quest is one of my favorites, too.

I liked that Winterberry was a minor character given the spotlight. I loved that he was a working class guy and that he was respected for his talent, but still wasn't one of the upper echelon of Celta.

IMO HQ highlighted the subtlities of Celtan society in a wonderful way.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

What a lovely note! Thanks. If I sell the next couple of books, next up are two minor characters from Heart Duel (though I'm thinking of bringing them on stage a little in Heart Fate), D'Marigold and Cratag Maytree, and Cratag is probably the lowest of them all (except Antenn, the adopted child of Straif and Mitchella).


9:55 PM  

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