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Sunday, June 10, 2007

No More Wordcount

No, I haven't finished the book. But counting the words I write won't help me. Now it will be scenes I have to do, and the transitions between them. This will be both harder and easier. I can't just reach 1250 and call it a day, move on to email and promotion and the rest of my life.

On the other hand, some of the scenes I'll be writing can be very brief (have to be) and I'll be able to measure my progress to finishing the book better (I can't say the end of the book, because I'm working on that and it will be done before the middle). At least the end will be solid. I dislike when I read a book and the end is obviously rushed because the author was running out of time. I've been accused of rushing the ends of books, but that hasn't been the problem, I'm usually just on a freight train hurling to the end. BTW, I don't write "The End," until I've finished the book.

I'm still considering what I can keep in and can delete since this book has to do the work of 1 1/2, and that stuff takes place in the middle. A lot of things that I'd anticipated having scenes of their own will either be combined with others or will be told in a sentence or two.

As for the beginning, I have a feeling it will be cut, cut, cut. I'd written a good chunk before this one became 1 1/2.

Once I get the end nailed down (today or tomorrow), I'm off to the middle nest of worms.

I DO have some scenes there that I can work around, but I'm going into the synopsis and list what MUST happen, then I can check items off.

May you enjoy your work today.


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