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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The List

I made my list.

When I'm coming to the end of the book, I always list chronologically the scenes that must be included. This is a HUGE waypoint for me.

Granted, a couple of things are different about this particular list.
First, all of the end chapters are done except for one scene which I am awaiting expert advice. I've tinkered with the last few lines time and again, trying to find the right note, hopeful or doom? -- and that will probably change when I put together the whole book and reread it.

Secondly, there are more scenes than usual, but I'm not going to let that get me down. I actually printed out the list and put * by the scenes already written.

Thirdly, there's a couple that say "set up for" which might be two paragraphs. But there are also some new things that aren't named, and simply say "Transition" which is a little nervous making, but I am hopeful this will be ok.

If I write a scene a day (or hook them together), I will be done in time to read the rough through for a few days and send it off to readers.

But maybe not by the 9th which is the day I leave for RWA National. And I have to get my workshops together. So I'll do more than one...of course, there's something called "Elizabeth Healing" that I already know is done and has 4 parts.

A little shaky, but feeling like the end is in sight. I wrote about 1 1/2 scenes, 1500 words today, and revised two chapters.

A lot of his has been heavy thinking, what happens in what order? This has been a problem because I've had to add a thread in that was supposed to be a whole book, so it moved things around, etc.

May your work come together today.


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