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Monday, June 18, 2007

Background Poll -- MONDAY -- Romantic Times Review

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Dark patterned velvet

Looks more like this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

During the next work week, I'm going to be putting up backgrounds, including the two I've already used and the current one. We'll call the current one (dark velvet with a little pattern) MONDAY.

Note, the backgrounds show up lighter as backgrounds on my screen than as swatches.

I'd like you all to see which ones appeal to you most and let me know next Saturday.

Here's the Romantic Times Review of Heart Dance (4 Stars)

Alliances and secrets can come back to haunt, as the protagonists in Owens' newest spellbinding tale of the planet Celta discover. Owens' worldbuilding skills are quite evident, and she continues to deliver stories that are heartfelt and intensely rivettng.

Summary: Dufleur Thyme survived kidnapping and near murder, only to lose her father and family name to a time experiment gone bad. Determined to clear her father, Dufleur experiments in secret with only her Famcat, named Fairyfoot, as witness. She knows she has a potential HeartMate, but she has no time for marriage.

GreatLord Saille T'Willow gained control of his "Matchmaking" Family House after his vicious grandmother, D'Willow, was placed in a crygenics tube. It sems that his grandmother did a lot of damage, including keeping Saille from his HeartMate, Dufleur. But since it was D'Willow who helped destroy the Thyme's reputation, matchmaker Saille knows he has a tough courtship ahead of him. He does have an ally in Fairyfoot however, so all is not lost. – Jill Smith

May your work please you today.


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