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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ka-Boom, Outta the Zone, Distractions

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I'd been dragging my feet writing one of my transition scenes. These aren't going to be as much fun, because due to space they'll be more "telling" than showing. "Days passed and they fell into a routine, this is how Bri felt, this is how Elizabeth felt." Hopefully slightly perkier and amusing (note to self, add the roc).

But I'd just gotten into the zone, words and ideas were chugging along when the phone rang. I don't have caller id. I answered it and it was my massage person confirming an appointment that I'd meant to cancel...then I realized she was going away and I'll be cat sitting next week for her, so no appointment for a couple of weeks.

Well, I talk to my massage therapist, mostly about her life, so in cancelling the appointment, I took that away from her. And she recently had a death in the family. I asked her how it was going and she'd had **another** death on the opposite side of the family. And she and her s.o. were having problems. (I'm aces at giving relationship advice and seeing what's going on -- from the outside and that I can't follow, at least with this lady).

So I listened and we talked and processed and analyzed like we would have done if I'd been on the table.

But so much for the effing transition scene. Blown to hell. And now I'm writing this.

I HAVE to go back to it today, and I will. After I have toast. Then on with the earphones and subliminal music and, hopefully, back into the zone.

I really don't anticipate more than four or five more paragraphs to the next "showing" scene that I'll be revising. Then transition again...

Anyway, advice of the day. If you can sluff (slough) a phone call or visit or interruption off, do so. I couldn't this one, and I wouldn't have been happy with myself if I had.

Otherwise, take a little break, reset the mind, and come back to attack the problem. I don't need thinking for this transition, I know what should happen. I just need to put my butt back in the chair.

May you be successful in keeping your butt in the chair today.


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