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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Full Time Writer III

I wish I could get this full time writer thing going right. I don't know how other people manage it, but what works for me one day doesn't work the next. And if something blows my schedule somehow, I find it difficult to sit down and write.

The days are beginning to meld together, and I don't like that, and they all go too fast.

Do these things bother anyone except me?

I DO get up, feed the cats, and sit down to write or revise. Today I am doing the dreaded sewing together of chapters and that prompted a scene that brought me my wordcount and I'm quite pleased. I did take time out for a very quick bite after I finished one chapter and began on the next (which had my hero, Sevair, arriving on the scene three different ways in three different bits -- ok, this is not efficient, but I guess I accept this is how I write).

I've been toying with going different places on different days -- coffee houses or libraries, that would give me structure. However lately Common Grounds has been too darn loud. But the office is on the second floor and Massive Desktop puts out a lot of heat and during the summer this room can become unbearable. I have a window unit air conditioner in the "guest" room, but it's heavy, and the only outlet it could be moved to is the one that is dedicated to my computer and I'm not sure I want THAT.

So, enough of the rambling. I guess the topic of this blog is about a writing schedule, and the advice that I usually give of establishing one is now in a shambles.

Well, it looks like it's going to rain and I washed my comforter today and hung it over my fence to dry, better get it in. Then I'll do the email thing and hope no one needed my input immediately.

May your day go smoothly.


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