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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Line Edits Definition

Last weekend Linnea Sinclair needed fresh eyes for her manuscript (due beginning of work day Monday), AND needed to cut 50 pages. I said I'd help, of course. And it's a WONDERFUL BOOK, DOWNHOME ZOMBIE BLUES.

Regular edits/revisions can be just a read through and comments on big stuff like character motivation, plot development. Line edits are the word choice, repetition, word by word, line my line. Anyway line edits are time consuming.

In the whole book, I only found a couple of full paragraphs to cut because it's so tight. Linnea herself took care of the widows and orphans (I did a blog on that so you can check it previously) -- the one word and one sentence lines at the end of a paragraph/page.

Critique groups usually do a line edit of your material unless you say otherwise or want to know something specific -- does the choreography make sense, etc.

So that's line edits.

May you write tight today.


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