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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Romancing the Rockies 2

I should be writing because I'm due across town in 1.25 hours at the latest, but it's a sure thing I won't get my wordcount done in that amount of time, soooo

Had more great time with Linnea and Sharon Mignerey my LONGEST critique buddy (made the mistake of calling her my oldest yesterday and have been teased mercilessly about my lack of inches from the same).

Excellent talk from Susan Grimshaw of Borders and will soon be taking all my 1st chapters of excerpts down from my website and putting chapters from later in the books up so people don't look at the book and think they've read it. I knew this but I've been lazy...

WONDERFUL book signing, I sold out of Guardian and Heart Quest and nearly of HeartMate, the whole damn spread was there and looked impressive, but was a little embarrassing. I gave away all of my stash of What Dreams May Come as books in the goodie bags. Dinner was ok, Susan Wiggs' presentation was marvelous and inspiring I re-introduced myself to Margaret Marbury (sp?) of Harlequin who knew who I was, but naturally didn't recall that she'd dashed my hopes once upon a time when I'd pitched Betrothal and Blackmail to her, or perhaps it was Shades of Gray (which I always think of as Sapphires and Emeralds).

Everyone liked the draft cover for Keepers of the Flame and I wrote in the bubbles on the front yesterday (when I CAN post, I will).

Today will be another long day, my presentation from 4-4:30 of something that usually takes at least 50 minutes and sometimes much longer if I include exercises and discussion.

HOW TO HANG IN THERE UNTIL YOU'RE PUBLISHED: PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES: Set Goals, Eliminate the Negative, Accentuate the Positive (flipping through my 22 note cards here, will definitely cut the stories), Explore Your Options, Bottom Line Questions.

I hope you have a very creatively fulfilling day, whatever you do. Bath is ready!


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