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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hard Work

My mind is a mish mash of what to talk of -- how I love writers who make me laugh out loud, the fast line edit of Linnea Sinclair's book, Downhome Zombie Blues and lack of sleep lately, the revising of maps and writing a Cast of Characters for the front matter of Keepers of the Flame. It took me 2 hours this morning just to check the maps, write the email and get them sent, and do the Cast of Characters.

The new household tyrant, the scruffy ex-alley tomcat I call Bittersweet tried to get me up as soon as the sun came in the window at 6:15, and was insistent at 7:30. I still wasn't ready, since I woke from deep REM sleep and dreaming about booksignings. I'd stayed up reading the latest Amanda Quick, which wasn't an Arcane Society book, and I like those best.

Last night I went to general critique at Capitol Hill which is a mixture of genres and writing levels. I took my Urban Fantasy a few weeks ago and will revise pursuant to remarks.

Though I let everyone I know I have a blog, I don't think many of my fellow local writers read this. Nevertheless I am NOT going to say anything about those writers unless it is glowing, know that. Anyway I listened to a couple and just thought how new the writers were -- not that their craft wasn't good, but that they were at the beginning of their learning curve, mostly in marketablility, and understanding that is hard work.

I think I recall when I was new and people talked about what would work in selling the book the best and I didn't want to hear the comments since it didn't really relate to my writing. I thought, of course, I'd be the exception to the rule. No.

Now I'm making comments more focused for the sale of the story, as well as general writing tips -- make sure what's in your head makes it to the page, a reader needs to become emotionally invested in a character, decide how much time you want to give to a secondary character and scene, blah-blah-blah. I asked my mentor if my comments were too commercial and she said that they were good overall writing things.

Of course I haven't started writing myself today, and it's going to be one of those, piece-together-days where I may revise whole chapters and get them into my chronological file, but may not make my wordcount. Still, progress is progress.

Writing is hard work, give yourself applause today.


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