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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Colorado Romance Writers

Sorry, I was preparing for the meeting and attending today. We were doing practice pitching for the conference next month. I was moderating with 5 other published authors...so I'm running late, and running late for the conference stuff, too. It's not a conference I've ever attended, though I've occasionally shown up for this or that, but Linnea Sinclair is the speaker and I love Linnea.

I'm also peeved that it looks like the security updates I loaded for windows has crashed internet explorer (I use firefox but a lot of programs I use have downloads for ie so I have to have it). Anyway, I have NO time to figure this out.

I also am due to start my house sitting duties across town this evening.

So I'm a bit frazzled. I didn't find any real good pitching things on the web, I think they're there but a little buried, or people charge for them.

Anyway, I don't have much to say except pitches are important, even when you're published you can use them as log lines in proposals or for those 25 word ads that you can buy.

That's my meagre advice for the day.

May you be pleased with any pitch you create.


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