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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I walked into the bar for some soup and came out with....

Today (Monday, which is yesterday for you all), I finished reviewing my page proofs (galleys) for Heart Dance. I think I told you that the page proof/galley part of the process is when I get the most heebee jeebies. I handed these off to my friend who line edits for me and who did a wonderful job, as always (I referred to Trif Winterberry as Trif Winterberry, Trif Clover AND Trif Holly and she caught them all, also a lot of punctuation that should have been caught by me or the copy editor). But I looked at all her tabs and fixed what needed to be fixing. I added about 10 lines. I would have liked to have read it, but just didn't have time.

Anyway, I don't eat while I'm working, so by the time I finished and took them to the post office to overnight them, I was hungry and it was time for the local bar/restaurant to open. I went in for soup and decided NOT to sit in the far back where I usually would because last time I did I was ignored and finally got up and left. So I took the front booth.

And looked up.

Our local places always have art for sale. This floral piece caught my eye because of the gorgeous color...peach and rose and yellow and jewel greens and sapphires, etc.

It is a watercolor, which, of course, means that it's an original. I doubt the artist made any prints. And the price was very reasonable. And it has that watercolor technique with different textures.

By the time my meal came, I'd decided to buy it.

And I thought of the satisfaction I would give the artist. The show was new (I was in there a week ago Wednesday with my mentor). No other paintings had been purchased -- so she'd be the first to sell. I printed SOLD on the little card, because I think the piece deserves to be seen for the whole show, and it would leave an obvious hole. I'll let the artist decide whether she wants to put another piece up instead and give me MINE.

So, not only did I get a wonderful piece of art which could hang in any of my different colored rooms, but I got the satisfaction of imagining the pleasure my purchase of the piece would give the artist.

May you know pleasure from your work today, too.


Anonymous Roslyn said...

You too give pleasure to others through your writing, Robin.

Just want to tell you that it's such a good thing that your books are available for download because my only source of your books (www.acmamall.com) now lists your books as "Not For Sale In Malaysia". I could buy from Amazon.com but I'd be risking losing the books at customs inspection.

Sigh, dunno what's WRONG with my govt. I suppose they're protecting us from your subversive material.

Right. All those talking cats...

3:54 AM  

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