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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Out of Sequence Writer, Transition Scenes

When you write out of sequence there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. I won't go into that here because my brain is fried. After a while of out of sequence writing you MUST string them together, and I usually do that in chunks, chronologically when I absolutely have to. Usually I start feeling like an ominous cloud is hanging over my head about to rain and spit lightning down upon me.

Anyway, I usually put this off as long as possible (thus the nasty cloud) because it slows me down A LOT and it fries my brain. I haven't QUITE made my word count today but I've worked on cleaning up several chapters. That shouldn't be a concern but it is because under the hideous looming deadline I MUST make my wordcount every day and binge writing at the end is pretty darn stressful.

Yesterday putting my chapters together took about 4 hours. Today I stopped because I just can't go on right now, and I think something I just wrote for one chapter will have to be moved earlier.

A lot of THINKING and not just feeling/doing involved.

On the other hand, I will probably get my wordcount done while writing the transition scenes, those linking scenes already written. Bri walks into the house especially made for her, what does it look like? She eats her first meal by herself, where is she, what is it (and, heaven help me, it triggers a memory and backstory). So the transition scenes CAN occasionally go fast, but linking the chapters and trying to find a decent hook can be tough.

Well, you can see by my rambling that this morning's session tired me and it's definitely time for breakfast (I always write first).

Since I'm out of my frozen omlettes, I have to make one by scratch.

Take care, and may your creativity really spark today.


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