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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Setting the Mood

Mood and atmosphere are integral to writing. You want your reader to be right with you. And sometimes it's hard.

I needed to transition to a love scene, which, of course, means setting a sexy mood. I'd have heated glances, and strokes, and then the conversation would veer away. This happened several times, and I finally just cut the dialogue and stuck the couple in the back of a dark vehicle on the way to her place.

I could have worked the conversation and seen where that would have gotten me, what the characters might want to say, but I'm not the mood for meadering today and the writer won over the characters.

Sometimes you have to put your foot down on the brain wandering thing. Besides, this would tie up several chapters. People really didn't need to know more about the styles of Celtan gliders. Much more important to get my hero and heroine in bed.

May you direct your characters today well.


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