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Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 2007 Website Update

Finally got it up -- whether fast or slow, when it goes up is usually my fault...my webmistress only took a day to get it up this month.

The Free Your Artist Page has words from my various magnetic poetry sets that I pulled at random, with links to play magnetic poetry online. Divination this month is an old favorite, Voice of the Woods, e-cards sends you to a poetry site to craft your own.

Worlds Update is under CELTA, a Family Tree of the Holly-Blackthorn connection (with Apples thrown in ;) ).

It's snowing here AGAIN, and temps frigid, I have on all my layers and my hands are cold so I need to put on my fingerless gloves. Heart Fate takes place approx a year after Heart Dance, and that makes it WINTER again... just not as bad a winter... still, cold.

May you write about warm climates.


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