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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Small Town Libraries

Well, here I am at the county library in Limon, Co. It's open until 2pm, and I don't think they have any of my books -- the librarian was thrilled to be able to say she could accomodate all 10 of us with computers and led me to the back room up the stairs. The wall s here are white and covered with small photos of windmills...those small metal windmills that pump water that you see so often on the planes. One of the photos says "Harnessing the Wind bringing lift to the plains."

These pics, like the view of the endless horizon I experienced last night and this morning, and the piling gray storm clouds over meandering cottonwoods that I saw on the way here, remind me that though I am mostly an urban human, my forebears knew the plains. And I've spent plenty of time driving the plains myself during my life, so they're a part of me, as are the mountains.

And you all know that landscape can play an integral part in a story, as if it is a character itself, right? Providing atmosphere, challenges, blessings.

Yes, the writing went well this morning, how could you tell?

What's most touching here in this room is the small plaque over the exit. "Our computer lab funded through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation." It almost makes me feel warm and cuddly to microsoft. Over a couple of computers is the legend (in bright pink paper "Do not play Runescape on this computer." I've never heard of Runescape, I'll have to ask my fellow geeks, someone will know. (A friend who is a software engineer is sitting nex to me reconfiguring the monitor -- the refresh rate is not set right -- on the computer to my left), every one else is in the main room.

So today, think of your landscape, what is part of your blood and bones as a writer. Think of the landscape of your story (Calli is once more soaring over the rolling hills of Lladrana). How can it play a part in your work today?



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