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Friday, April 28, 2006

Creativity Weekend - Karvel Kon

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMany years ago the real mover and shaker and extrovert of all my friends (Rose B., above) worked as a teacher in a small Colorado town called Karvel. And she started a yearly sf/f convention (8-25 people, invitation only, full participation required). For my writing friends, I usually call this my Creativity Weekend, for my family, it's the weekend I go to Limon (Karvel doesn't have facilities, i.e. a motel).

Friday night we commit art. I usually do sticker art or collage or something as I am pretty pitiful at everything else. I know I will win a prize (everyone does). I know someone will bid on my art during the art auction Sunday, even if it's only a nickle.

Saturday we break into groups and draw for movies according to theme (this year it's Robots) and decide which movies we'll use in our "dramatic" presentation, then we go shopping for props. Saturday night is first the masquerade (scrambling this year as the weekend caught me by surprise), then the plays. I know I will win an award for my masquerade effort, no matter how feeble, and the group will win an award for the plays. Everyone does – support is there for any sort of creativity.

Incredibly fattening food is usually partaken by all, during the entire weekend.

Just letting you know because Limon is not exactly online. I think I managed to check email in the library last year (it was open Saturday morning!). So I'll have this up today, Friday, then post something late Sunday, for sure, but Saturday may not have anything from me for you all.

May your own creativity shine this weekend.


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