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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rushing to The End

Image hosting by PhotobucketI've had a couple of comments in my career that I rush near the end of the book – say the last quarter. Even my mentor, who LOVES fast climaxes and ends, told me that Sorceress of Faith went too fast, ended too quickly. So I lengthened some scenes and wrote another couple. Those of you who have read Sorceress of Faith, the walk with Jaquar after the battle was much shorter, and the scene with Marian and Jaquar and Chalmon and Venetria was new. I believe everything I added helped keep the headlong zoom of the book to the finish to a more reasonable pace and added depth to the book.

This is one of the things I have to watch. It's not that I am sick and tired of the book when I reach this point (though sometimes that's the case), it's just that I'm hitting the climax, tying up all the loose and and WHAMO, here's a really good ending!

I'd rather expected that this would NOT be the case in Protector of the Flight. Wrong. I started the climax today – wrote some quite solidly, snuck in lines of paragraphs to be fully fleshed later. Revelation. Big battle with evil. Death. Fire. Destruction. Triumph. And before I knew it, I'd skipped down a half a page and written an okay ending line.

Huh. The only thing I can say is that I'll try extending, then hand it off for comment and advice.

Oh, this doesn't mean I'm finished with the book. Nope, still writing out of sequence and thinking of writing from the ending back.

May your pacing be *just right* today.


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