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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Right now I don't have a clue to say here on the blog...lots of ideas went through my head but none stuck. I did write a blog last night for today, but it's a little depressed and posting it now would reinforce folks ideas that I'm bipolar (which I'm not, I'm just a Scorpio, and the royalties blog was written a week back before the Day Job). If I can figure out at all how to live without a day job, I'll do it. By the time I get home my shoulders and neck are so tense that I don't want to write, the work station isn't set up properly and I don't really feel right about moving everything around...I've been soaking in hot baths.

So, if this were a book, I'd be brainstorming it with my critique group -- and usually in brainstorming with critique groups, the problem is them running away with an idea in five different directions. Sometimes you have to say, "that's not going to happen, deal." Usually I just have a muzzy feeling in the head, heart or gut that means something is lurking in my subconcious and Will Be Revealed and I work with that and others' ideas.

But brainstorming has been Critical to the success of my career. Sharon Mignerey came up with the idea that T'Ash's HeartGift could be stolen when I reached the end of Chapter 1 of HeartMate and didn't know what came next.

Anne Tupler had the fabulous idea (in Heart Duel) of having a heroine go from door to door to find her HeartMate with a charm key (the basis for Heart Quest, coming out in September).

Steven Moores helped with the resolution of HeartMate. Kay Bergstrom gave me the idea of singeing whiskers in (hope to sell) Heart Match...Yes, I owe a lot to the free wheeling of critique groups.

So there's the blog, a pastiche, and now I'm running late for day job, but you know, I still have to figure out that tattoo on the cover for HeartMate, guess who I'll turn it over to?

May your words come easy today.
Robin (who just misspelled her name)


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