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Friday, April 14, 2006

Plotting -- Emotional Ups and Downs

Image hosting by PhotobucketI know one suspense/thriller author who believes in every moment of the book escalating suspense until the last, huge release of the climax. This works for him.

For me, I like my ups and downs -- the emotional tension, the release, the build again. Not necessarily sexual tension, but the personal growth of the heroine...or in this case, the hero. Whew.

Oops! Just realized that I did it again, made a hero with his family all killed (Marrec). Darn it. This is getting to be a habit. Remind me that this is THE LAST TIME for a good long while. OTOH, Heart Quest, whose hero, Ilex Winterberry, will be out in September, has a hero with a mother, brother, nephew and niece-in-law (I think they all made it in the book...they were there at one point). So at least I won't have back-to-back Hero's Whose Family Have All Died (Straif Blackthorn/Marrec Guardpont). And those who read the Berkley books, haven't all read the Luna books...so I may even have MORE time for them.

I finished writing Marrec's emotional anguish and while I don't think it has the power of Straif Blackthorn's in the ballroom (I think I actually came down with shudders when that scene flowed from my fingertips), I think that Marrec's is still pretty good.

And, yes, I'm a little giddy from the endeavor. It was one of those days with business demanding to be handled (as tomorrow will be), and trying to finish up a chapter with a drip drip drip of words like blood upon the screen, then getting caught up in a new scene that stopped-started-RAN AWAY.

I'm satisfied. May you also be satisfied with your tension or release today.


Anonymous Sue said...

Hello Robin,

As you point out, every writer must do what works for them. But I tend to agree... there needs to be an ebb and blow; the building and releasing of tension, to build again. For me, this allows me to create characters of depth in situations that while based in a fantasy world, feel real to the reader. Or at least, that is my goal.


6:23 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Sue, that's how I think of it, too.


6:22 AM  

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