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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Day Job

Image hosting by PhotobucketFirst day of the new day job went fairly well. It’s going to be eye-frying and mind-numbing, and need intense concentration, but I think it will be ok. I got home late today because we started late, then I took part in a live Paranormal Romance chat, then ate dinner and began writing. I’d done 1569 before I went to work and managed to get the rest of my wordcount done before 10 pm, so that went well. I wrote two scenes. Once again I’m at a point where linking the scenes demands long amounts of time and attention, so I’ve been writing new scenes I think will be in the book. Probably.

So, this might work out well, except...I have a feeling that this job could go on for a long time...one of those questions being thrown at me by the Universe. “Do you really want to be a full time writer and risk yourself or do you want to make good, steady, reliable money?”

Heaven knows the money comes in handy for advertising and promotion.

Time will tell.

May your hero/heroine make difficult choices today that reveal their character.


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