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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Splitting Books/Agents/Royalties

Image hosting by PhotobucketYour agent is the person who speaks with your editors on the books only (s)he sold to them. For that, the standard amount is 15%. It's worth every penny.

Since I "negotiated" and sold my first two books, HeartMate and Heart Thief, whenever I have problems with those two titles I usually email my editor (if the issue is minor), and copy my agent, just for FYI. If the issue is large, I'll call and talk to my editor (and sweat every minute).

All my other books, my agent handles. This is important since I just received a royalty statement (and very small check) for HeartMate from Berkley...and no statement on Heart Thief. I'm pretty sure that I'm still in the hole for Heart Thief and will not be getting royalties on that one for a while, since the printing was large and the returns were, too, but I do like to see how much I'm in the hole so I can dream of a future when I may someday get small checks for it, too.

I don't have a fax. I have the capability but haven't set it up. So Berkley will fax Heart Thief's statement to my agent, then they will include it with the other royalty statements that come to them first and I will get it. Bottom line -- I will always have to deal with Berkley on my first two books, and I know it.

May business be far from your mind as you write today.


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