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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back from Karvel Kon

I had a Car Problem on Friday, so I rode out with Rose and Matthew (not spouses), and came back after Rose and I dropped Matthew at his parents' place in Elizabeth, CO. So I'm much later than anticipated and car (Milton) will have to go in to The Shop this week or next week. All involved at Day Job are fervently trying to get it done Wednesday at the latest. Fine with me.

Karvel was wonderful. Very fun, engaging interesting folks with different (warped) perceptions on pretty much everything. I talked writing with the other authors (Hilary Bell and Thea Hutchinson), and got that fix in.

Last night was Masquerade, Skits, and Games. My masquerade (since I spaced this weekend until the last reminder) wasn't as prepared as usual. I work on it quite a bit. Since robot was the theme I wore a mixing bowl ($1 at Hoffman Drug) and a burner protector ($1 for 2), on my head and one on my chest in minimalist costume and did a few lines of I am the very model of a modern robot an-der-oid that I wrote myself and self destructed. Did a lot of "dying" last night...in the masquerade and the skits and the games. We took a list of famous robots and inserted them in equally famous movie scenes. I was Woody in Toy Story with Gigelo Joe, the Cylon in Stargate, and Data in Silence of the Lambs, oh, a mermaid in the bath scene with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and David in AI. I think there was another, completely unmemorable scene.

My art, "Eye at the End of the Universe" won the Two Billion Years Before the Lash Award and went for $2 at the art auction. I was too cheap to win any art this year.

The games were excellent -- World Greatest Party Game -- pull bits of paper with famous people/characters on it and 3 rounds -- full description, 2 words and pantomime. I'm best with the two words. Very active and rousing. I died as Princess Diana, a Bones actress and a coupla more folks -- Anne Bolyn, I think. Not Isadora Duncan this time. Werewolf was the first time we've played the game and was quite excellent. I got lynched as a peasant once, eaten twice by the werewolves, and munched a couple of peasants as a werewolf. We played 5 games and it ended up Werewolves 3, Peasants 2. For a smallish group (10) I got to be all the major cards, peasant, Night Owl, Werewolf, and Seeker.

No writing yet today since I went to bed at 2 am and rose at 8. Plan on snoozing, grocery shopping, watching Charmed (just came into this series), and then perhaps writing. Cats are fine, though mad.

Love to all and remember to diversify your creativity to refill your creative well today.


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