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Thursday, March 16, 2006

How to Write Books 1

Yes, there are thousands out there, stuff from Writing Fiction for Dummies (I think) to The Obsaervation Deck...a Tool Kit for Writers by Naomi Epel. Yes, I have my fair share of them, and yes, I sometimes get pretty pissed when a new one comes out and I think "someone is trying to make money on all those people who want to become writers."

I know, I should be more compassionate, like I am with poorly written romance books, but even when I had the day job, some new writing book would come out and I would wonder whether to spend my hard earned $$ on it. But, the real fact is, there are more people who want to write, who play at writing (and that's not a necessarily a bad thing), than those who take writing seriously enough to work hard for a career. And sometimes I resent people writing these How Tos, as if all they want is a buck. I'm probably wrong. They probably want to help writers.

Hey, after all, I'm writing this blog, which I hope illuminates different issues on writing and publishing, and I wrote plenty of articles for my newsletter, and did a few seminars. But, you know, this is free (though I wouldn't say "no" to anyone who offered me a deal on them), and if I'm going to blog, it will be about my personal obsession, writing....and the strange publishing business.

Well, that's enough for today, I've noticed the side bar has appeared, and I'm thinking that smaller blogs are probably more "marketable." Besides, I want to try out ANOTHER new writing schedule for today, and that's feeding the cats, getting dressed decently, and going away, hopefully before 7 am.

Tomorrow I'll share (don't really like that word particularly when someone is sharing something with you that you don't really want) the writing books I use all the time, some I use occasionally (including The Observation Deck) but wouldn't be without...then maybe Saturday I'll talk about a notion that sent me to my writing books...got it planned out, maybe, perhaps.

May you NOT have to consult your writing books at all today and may beautiful prose dance from your fingers.


Blogger moonhart said...


Robin, I just keep reminding myself that if writing were easy, everyone would be doing it. Okay, maybe they are doing it...but they are NOT all being published...then again there is PublishAmerica...maybe they are!!!



7:58 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

I know I've been helped a great deal by writing-related books at all stages of my learning process. I still buy the occasional one, especially if it's a specialized book on a particular aspect of writing I'm trying to master. But it's tough to know which ones are good without recommendations.

4:49 PM  

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