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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Writer's Tools -- Basic -- Block

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Yesterday, I shut down the computer so I could dress for my signing. I went to my "author's clothes" closet and flicked the lightswitch. It didn't go on. I thought the bulb was out...and eventually realized my power was out...Not have my computer! Not have my laptop for more than a couple of hours (I have it loaded with programs that suck up the juice fast)! What would I do?!


I've often written with pen and paper, pencil and paper. I don't care to, because I jump around and do weird things like "Insert A here," "see margin page 2 under BB."

But it is a different feel when you write with pencil and paper, pen and paper, and that could break a block. And unless you are handicapped, I don't think that writing on a computer should define you.

Started another sentence about four more times, but I think I'll just leave it there. Don't let your tools define you. You're better than that.

May the writing flow for you (and me) today no matter what we use.

Robin (oh, and due to the extreme cold, Denver had rolling blackouts yesterday morning...but my story includes frantic calls, a walk to the local electrician and making my gay neighbor come to the door in his bathrobe).


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