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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ebooks, and Contract Rights

Still gray today -- yeah, that's what you dropped by to hear, right?

The Luna news. I've heard that Guardain of Honor is coming out in January, right before Sorceress of Faith, and Laura Gillman's Staying Dead and Curse the Dark should be out beforer her next one Bring it On (I think that's the title, sorry Laura). This I haven't confirmed.

E-books: for the futuristic/fantasy genre ebooks makes sense. Many of our readers are online and surf-savvy. I carry a pda, and so does Marian in Sorceress. It plays a part in Sorceress of Faith. I download and read ebooks. Anyway, Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy is out at fictionwise and In Stone's Clasp by Christie Golden is ebook, too!

Now ebooks can be difficult for writers because of our rights clause in our contracts. A book is out of print if less than a certain amount have sold, and aren't printed anymore. Ebooks can virtually stay in print forever, thus, our publishers would have the rights if sales trickled in...there are, of course, arguments both sides, and our Luna ladies are happy to see their books available in this form...but I think we're all checking our contracts, too. Ebook rights are like audio, film, etc., they can be negotiated to belong to the publishing house or the author.

Love to all,
Robin, and may you have a kind day...and the muse be kind to you, too!


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Michele, I'll post on this tomorrow for you.


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