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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Change in Publishers

Change in Publishers -- no, not me, though I hope to dip a toe into the waters of epublishing in 2012, with the two historical romances (one paranormal, one not) that I wrote before HeartMate, maybe filling in a story or two (like Koz's) in the Lladrana universe, and, yes, I've been kicking around a brand new idea...

But in the past, if a person switched publishers in the middle of (or even after a book) of a series, the series took a new twist or angle, so it was essentially different. For instance, the paranormal elements would be removed or changed so they didn't work in the new world like they did in the old.

I must admit that I worried about the Heart series for the first few books (well, until epublishing became big), so I had an idea that the people who landed on Celta (which was not the original planet) was only the First Wave of escaping people with psi, and the Second Wave made it to the original planet...

I haven't thought about that for a while, but it is still an option in the universe...

But since I am reading an author who changed publishers and had to change her series, I am aware of it again.

May you enjoy all the worlds you visit today. As for me, I've been preparing for a Readers Tea all week long, with goodie bags for those at the table I'm hosting and a gift bag for a raffle...and I need to print out Enchanted Again now for that.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess I'm confused. Are you changing publishers or just adding a 3rd one for the stories/books that haven't found a home with Berkley or Luna?

Or...is this just a post about changing publishers in general?

Either way, as long as I can get more Celta I'm a happy fan!

7:08 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

LOL, the post is about changing publishers in general. Mortifying to know that as a writer I didn't communicate well. At the time I was rereading books in a slightly altered world after the author had changed publishers.

I DO intend to epublish some work next year...


8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is very exciting! I'll watch for those & they will be on my auto-buy list!

Cannot wait until December when Hearts & Swords will be released!

10:49 AM  

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