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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Genre Info

I am judging books for one of my chapter's published contest and got a book I loathed.

Why? Because it was not a romance. It didn't have "romance" elements. Most chapters have contests with Mainstream with Romantic Elements, or Single Title with Romantic Elements (which I consider Enchanted No More to be for the Big One, the RITA(r), but for others will enter in the Paranormal Romance category).

Know your genres. In the Daphne, there is room for different mysteries, just like in the PRISM many genres are broken out instead of lumped together in Paranormal.

I was peeved when I read this book because the author didn't do his/her homework on the contest. The author wasted his/her money and my (and the other judges') time.

Romance: 1) Hero does not cheat on the heroine, no matter what the provocation. Resisting temptation is what makes him a HERO.

2) Hero does not die in the end (even if he deserves it for cheating on the heroine -- which is why I think the author had him do that in the first place, so s/he could kill him off with less remorse at the end).

This SO did not work for me. It's like the amateur detective failing to unmask the killer, or the killer offing him. Or the galaxy blowing up with all the noble heroes and heroines trying to stop it. Or Evil forever taking over the Earth.

Know your genres, especially if you plan to enter contests. You (I) don't determine what goes on the spine of the book, the publisher does that. But darn well know the rules of your genre, stick to them and pick the contests that will showcase your work.



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