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Friday, November 05, 2010

Disposing of Villains

There comes a time in planning (or executing, ha, ha) a book where the fate of the villains must be decided. Do I stick them in prison (or, in Celta, fit them with a depress-magic bracelet and banish them to an island to die slowly), or banish them, or (very rarely) redeem them.

I have several in Heart Search, and I am feeling lethal. ;) So far one has died and a couple will be killed by their own actions bringing fate down upon themselves. I'm hoping these will fates will be emotionally satisfying to the reader. I tended to kill all my villains in the first books until a reader complained they wanted to see the justice system work. Not sure that I ever did that, but did start experimenting with other endings for my bad guys.

May you be blessed today.


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