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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Large Chunks of Mess Going Nowhere....except into the Holds File

Well, I skimmed (which I usually don't do, I READ and REVISE) most of my scenes last night and got pretty discouraged. I suppose I shouldn't say this in public. ;) Anyway, they are a mess. One lovely scene in the heroine's teahouse can be cannibalized a bit for an earlier chapter, but the rest can truly be summarized "the venture was a success." That's telling, but we don't need a full scene for this. We already know she plans and works hard to be a success.

Some scenes you DO need a full scene to set up a punchline, but not many of the ones I've written. Most of them are about Celta, how things work. Again, they may go in the READS file on my website after the book is published, but right now they go in the Holds file.

In the Artist's Way on the section on criticism, Julia Cameron states that sometimes your work goes through an ugly duckling phase. I feel that's true here of Heart Search. And that ugly duckling phase is necessary for the work/the artist to grow. Praying for that.

May your work go well today.


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