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Friday, June 04, 2010

Didn't I Just Do That? Argh! Part 2 of 3...

So, I decided that since book 1 of the Mystic Circle series, Enchanted No More, had a heroine tormented by loved ones' deaths, I didn't want to do that again in book 2 (current title Enchanted Ever, but that will probably change). So I wrote this in April:
Jordan's best friend Conrad stared at the stump of his hand. His jaw flexed. "I'll be fitted with a prosthetic today."

Not a whole lot Jordan could say to that but, "I'm sorry."

Conrad turned his head to stare out the hospital window. "That we went climbing? That we fell? Luck." His lip curled. "Bad luck."

Hands jammed in his pockets, Jordan wanted to pace but didn't. Pacing in the cast was difficult. The climb had been his idea. A really stupid idea now that he thought about it. But they'd both been reckless two weeks ago. Now Conrad was an amputee and Jordan had a shattered tibia. They wouldn't be climbing again.

"Cursed luck," Conrad murmured in a voice that sent chills down Jordan's spine.

"I thought we agreed we didn't believe in curses," Jordan said. One of the strange things that had brought them together in college, the fact that they'd both come from "cursed" families. Weird in the modern world.

Conrad turned his thin, hollow-cheeked face with haunted eyes back to Jordan and licked dried lips. "I didn't believe in the curse that I'd lose a limb then." His laughter was raw. "Even though my own dad was run over by a tractor and he bled out from losing his leg. Even though my grandfather lost a foot in the war. And on, and on." He gestured with his stump. Contemplated his wrist. "Guess I should be glad my whole arm isn't gone."

Then his dark brown gaze met Jordan's, a hidous smile stretched his mouth. "I made a promise, bro, and I'll keep it. I'll dance at your wake."


AND, when I looked at this a sinking feeling occurred. Wasn't one of Jenni's big problems in Enchanted No More the fact that her remaining brother had a crippled arm and crippled magic? Just like Jordan's friend Conrad?.

Do I want to do that two books in a row?


So I came up with the final (for now) opening (coming tomorrow).

Robin the Teaser again

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