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Sunday, May 23, 2010


In my opinion, you use a pseudonym when you're a minister's wife writing erotica, you want to keep your privacy, you are writing in several different genres and you don't want your readers to cross over.

Those are all good reasons. If your publisher asks you to do so, that is a good reason. There are more.

I am a Scorpio (you didn't guess?) I never intended to write under my own name. I had what I thought was a perfectly good name picked out -- and my family laughed at it.

And the publishing of HeartMate proceeded at a "huge" rush for me. I didn't have weeks or months to really think about alternate names, or you'd see me as Lily Darnell or something.

I DO have a pseudonym, an alter identity, ready to go now...but she's become a beloved person, so I'm not sure I could use the name and toss it away as an experiment...and, no, I'm not going to share.

But I like Rexxa Red, too. ;)

I hope you've found the posts amusing this week.

Again, may you find much amusing this day.


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