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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tell Don't Show

When the book is 15K over, then "tell don't show" comes into play, particularly for scenes that are not completely necessary for the book. I did my first one last night for a mystery and Fam bit. Since this was the only time this particular Fam appeared (a fox), I didn't think he, as a character, was needed.

It was rather depressing to realize the whole 7.75 page scene could be told in about 3 lines. But it will go up on my website after Heart Journey is out -- otherwise there will be spoilers.

I don't always keep good track of the scenes I cut, but this time I will. I'm thinking that I will name them, like "Raz and Winterberry - Theater."

Today is critique group day and we are on chapter 5. Sigh.

May you enjoy all aspects of your life today.


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