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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book store moving

My "local" independent bookstore is moving (rather forced to) -- Who Else Books formerly of Denver Book Mall. Lots of their friends (including authors Connie Willis, Mario Acevedo, Terry Wright, Christine Jorgensen, me) have helped.

Who Else Books was the second store that I ever had a signing in, and my first real Denver signing, so, of course, everyone came (everyone will always come to your FIRST signing, and maybe even buy books).

I was glad to help out, and I'll be glad to be part of the celebration of the Grand Opening.

Also, when I helped them move, I found: a chapbook of HeartMate (the first few pages) that I often made for Mile Hi Con from 2001-2004. I also did Heart Thief and Heart Duel for a while, not sure that I did anything after that, though I do fliers.

I found A COVER FLAT of the first HeartMate cover, not sure that I have any of those left, a brochure I did, a letter, and several 2002 wallet calendars with the original cover. A gold mine! Yay!

May you be pleasantly surprised today.


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