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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Selecting Books -- Signings

I've seen it as an author -- you look at the cover first, then turn it over to read the back cover copy. Then (if I'm sitting there, like at the signing today at Boulder), you'll smile and put it down, not interested. Maybe, I guess if I am looking too crushed, you'll shrug and explain "that you don't read that kind of stuff."


Say that hard times have hit and take my wallet calendar and that you'll check out the excerpts on my READS page.

I might even believe you, in any event I am left with a little hope that my writing will snag you as a reader and you might actually go to a library and ask for my books, at least (and the last time I saw a library book, it was in the hands of friends and was an extremely tattered Protector of the Flight, hopefully they have reordered).

I REALLY dislike this at the RMFW booksigning in September. It happens often. The people are interested in mysteries or contemporary romance or historical fiction and not my work. Ok, you're an aspiring writer, come talk to me, figure out if you might like my work that way. Don't pick up my books and read the back cover and put them down, then move on. We can talk about writing, I'm ok with that.

I know some people who can hand sell their work, I like talking about my work and if you don't like the premises of the Heart or the Lladrana series, then don't buy them, but at least we have connected, you might read the blog, at least, and tell a friend who DOES like my kind of books about me and them....

You see? Authors sitting behind a table of their work like a little kindness. At least, I do.

So...I will be doing a signing today with the usual group:

Elaine Levine (western romance), Melissa Mayhue (time travel romance), Tara Janzen, (romantic suspense), and Lynda Hilburn (paranormal).

There will be a Romance panel at Boulder Borders:
1750 29th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

4pm - 6pm.

May you enjoy kindness today.

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