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Friday, May 08, 2009

Juggling Writing Projects -- The Published Writer's Life

I heard Sherrilyn Kenyon speak on this and others' at the CRW conference, and you've seen me entitle blogs "Fire Drills."

The regular life is not just breezing through your WIP (work in progress), it is also promotion, seminars and conferences, etc. But let's just talk about writing projects. I was going really well on Heart Journey when I received the copy edits of Heart Change. So I switch from Del and Raz back to Signet and Cratag, and they ARE different characters they would react differently to different stimulus and different events. At least it's the same world.

Now, of course, I'll refresh my ideas of Heart Journey, today for the wars, but will also want to go back to check a few things on Heart Change before I turn it in on Monday...I really need to print out Chapter 22 and another one needed a little more umph (don't recall the chapter, do recall the point in the story).

Then back to Heart Journey for a couple of weeks...I've heard the Luna contracts have come to my agent, and I need to start really thinking about that proposal. It's due in June sometime...the first or second week. So when I break from Heart Journey, I'll have to fling my mind into a completely different world, write and develop that...then back to finish and polish Heart Journey.

I know there are other writers who can move from world to world, but I don't do that...not within a space of a day. Maybe if I wrote faster and the "breaks" between worlds was sufficient to re-tune or whatever.

So decide what kind of writer you are if you're writing fantasy in different worlds, or, Heaven luv ya, different genres. Make sure you can move between these easily.

May you enjoy everwhere your imagination takes you today.
Robin (who is thinking about going to the chocolate festival tonight).


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