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Saturday, May 09, 2009


I like both of my editors, I think they know their jobs when it comes to my manuscripts. Therefore when my editor told me that she'd made cuts to Heart Change, I accepted most...there was one that was a payoff that I had to write about 3 lines "telling" instead of showing, and there was one where in cutting the page(s), she also cut some choreography that she didn't remember needed to be in there, but I did. There was some a dry setting scene that I trimmed but put back in because it needed to be there for climactic moments. There were a couple of scenes with Fams that I liked, but she thought weren't necessary, so they were cut. They will probably go up on my website under WORLDS with other cuts.

There was a scene that I mentioned here when I was writing it that sets up book 3 that I thought I might cut, but when it came to it, I decided that keeping the 3 pages in was easier than messing around with the 20 pages surrounding it...and it is in the now dreaded chapter 22 that I will have to look at tomorrow.

I even let the copy editor cut a good page or so. These are fresh, trained eyes so they CAN see what sounds clunky or doesn't really need to be in the pages.

BUT there was some motivation that was cut and I put that back. That's really important stuff. I've been writing too long with critique groups to accept someone else's final word as god...or I've learned to fight my battles. Let them cut the Fam scenes if I can put motivation back in....

That's how it goes and my little spiel about editors this am.

May you enjoy working with others today.


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