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Friday, May 15, 2009

Writer -- Life set points

I'm tired and will be posting this in about a half hour for the new day...another late night...so the title might not be what you think.

Everyone has set points in their life that they refer back to. During the word wars yesterday morning my friend Sharon asked if she knew what year Wilbur (Mom's cat) and Cara (Sharon's cat) were born.

I thought about where I was and where I posted this picture...on the "closet" in my cubicle. I said, "I think 2000 because it was before I was published." What I really meant was it was before I got The Call -- that I'd sold my first book.

Every writer remembers The Call, I've spoken about that before...but The Call will also define a point in your life -- before and after. Like before and after HeartMate was published and on the shelves.

It's a GOOD set point and I remain ever grateful for it.

May you have a memory that makes you smile today.


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