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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Annual Creativity Weekend

I'll be gone, but I think this place has wi-fi, so I'll post tomorrow am, too.

Karval Kon 32: The Kon That Time Forgot
March 6-8, 2009
The Quest for Fans begins…
at the Quality Inn across from the Rip Griffin in Limon, Colorado

Long ago, 10,000 BK (before Karval), When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and we were but

Teenage Cavemen and Teenage Cavegirls, the Eastern Plains were shrouded in mystery …

The Lost World. Then a small but tribe took the long trip. They took a Journey to the Center of the Earth, through The Valley of Gwangi and beyond Jurassic Park, past the jungles of Pellucidar, the rock quarries of the Flintstones and the campfires of Alley Oop.

And there they created strange cave paintings and etchings, dressed in strange aluminum foil skin, and cavorted in peculiar (but enjoyable) ways. Have no fear—join the Fans of the Cave Bear for an evolution of participation at the Quality Inn! Bring along a bathing suit—or at least a fur loincloth—for a return to our primordial watery element (or just the hot tub...

May you enjoy your own creativity today, wherever you are.

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