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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adding Tatt to the Book for the Cover Art

This is what came to me to explain the tatt. Cratag is from the Southern Continent and left home at 15 (backstory in book) and was a merchant guard for a while as he travelled northward and to Druida.

You can probably guess when Signet first sees his bare arm (it's spring)....


She chuckled, reached out and let her fingers trail down his thigh from hip to knee. Noticed black against the skin of his arm. "You have body art!" She was delighted.

He grunted, glanced at his biceps. "No. List of merchant trips I guarded. References and...identifying marks."

If he'd been killed and other parts of his body were unrecognizable. She swallowed.

"They're only good for five years. They'll go away soon."

"Oh." She yanked her mind to the present.
So this is the only reference, I'm feeling pressure since the deadline is Sat. and it WILL be emailed Sat.

I did add the amulet/necklace, but it's a little surprise and picks up quite a bit of the story...too much to explain. I'm hoping it works, too.

May your imagination wander lovely paths today.

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Blogger Tannun said...

Robin -

Have you visited http://www.nalinisingh.blogspot.com

I ask because she's having a contest to get the word out about her book. She has her fans blog about the book, post the link where they blog, and chooses a fan to give a prize for the help.

Might work to spread the word for your books? You, Singh, and Castle are the only ones I know of in the genre Heartmate is written about, you ladies should stick together! :)

2:58 AM  
Blogger Tannun said...

I've always wondered why you use the D.? Is it a play on the D' you use in the Heart books? Or did the D' in the Heartbooks come about because of the D. in your name?

5:09 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor Robin D. Owens said...

I'm supposed to plug Nalini's book next Friday ;) but if I get the last revisions to Heart Change done today (mentor had a couple of very good points that will mean a rewrite of the fight scenes and the climax), I'll head over there.


7:18 AM  
Anonymous sue said...

Tee Hee... you've had to go to two lines to show all your covers...LOVE IT!!

11:14 AM  

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