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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Worldbuilding Complications, Residences, Characters, Climax

My Mentor saved me yesterday. I'm coming to the climax and had gotten myself all tangled up.

Because at the climax your hero/heroine/villain MUST NOT deviate from character. They must all react the same that they have throughout the entire book.

And in the Celta books I have sentient houses, that, as my mentor pointed out, complicates things...like a kidnapping, or evil deeds afoot...and I have telepathy and teleportation. So those in danger should be able to both of those things...

It's true that so far (and I need to check on this), a person can usually only teleport like once a day without wiping themselves out (the younger generation can do it more often as their power/Flair is growing).

So I had all these "why doesn't the Residence give the alarm" and "what can the Residence 'see' outside its doors" (nothing unless there is a scrystone hooked up).

And why would the villain hang around for the hero to find him instead of just doing the evil deed and teleporting away...since villain hopes this will be considered an accident?

I think my brain was close to frying, and, of course, I spoke to my mentor late in the day AFTER I had written one of the climactic scenes that will not work now because it took place in the Residence.


May you have a solid grounding of your own rules today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A reader..
Maybe I got it wrong but as far as I remember the teleporting has been done more than once in a day; at least by the most powerful psychics in your stories!?
A good excuse for me to start reading the series again!....
Looking forward to this new installment about Celta's interesting and charming inhabitants.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yes, I think you're right. But I'm not sure I did more than twice a day, another thing to try and work into some sort of bible.

Thanks for the kind words, anonymous.


9:47 AM  

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