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Friday, January 16, 2009

Juggling Writing Promo Proposals Real Life

When you're a published writer, you need to learn to juggle (which I haven't been doing very well this week. I should be making my wordcount on Heart Change, but I also have a new book out, Echoes In The Dark, that I need to promote, not to mention getting some proposals together (and I'm taking a plotting class that I've posted to once), and, of course, real life.

I cancelled my retreat in the mountains last week because of car/catsitting matters, so there went emotional and spiritual support. I allowed the all day chat, car going in to be serviced (ouch!) and the open mic last night to derail my writing. Yesterday I spent time reading some work for three contests I'm judging.

Sooo....I'm certain you can do it all if you manage your time and EMOTIONS correctly. Yahoo freezing up Tuesday morning did not help with the chat. If I'd used the two hours I spent messing around with that to write instead of trying to understand and fix what was wrong, I'd have made my full wordcount. (But on the plus side, I now have five sets of interview questions I've answered that I can pull from if there's a fast interview that needs to be put together).

Then there was the time taking the car in on Wednesday (more than I expected), the worry about expense WHICH I SHOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED TO GET TO ME (very much more than I expected, who knew my old SAAB's headlight would cost $300 for the part alone). Then the taxi ride and expense to the mechanic's.

I've been worried about money lately so I've cancelled my trip to Romantic Times convention.

Yesterday I messed around all day reading contest entries (one was wonderful, the rest were good), and practicing reading my segment for the open mic (which was about 45 minutes away). I switched at the last minute from Echoes in the Dark to Heart Fate, which I don't think served me well.

Anyway, bottom line is, that you should sit down and write no matter what. Tune the world out, let the muse come. YOU (I) CAN DO THIS.

I think I need to be journalling to figure out what's stirring around in my innards.

May you all meet your goals today.

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